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Digital Printing Specifications

Southwest Direct Inc.

Submit high resolution PDF's when possible.

Most photographs reproduce well.

Most of the cost in digital printing comes from the use of toner so generally the more coverage, the more the cost.

All PMS colors are printed with 4 color process. When exact matching is required, we can adjust colors to create more perfect matching.

If possible, submit files as 1 up.  We will determine how many will fit on the sheet size.  Click charges apply per sheet size that is printed so the more up we run, the cheaper the price will be.

Smooth stocks will look better than porous paper. We use Endurance Gloss for most of our glossy projects.

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Equipment List

Direct Digital Printers

Full Color Digital Presses

High Speed Black Digital Docu-printers

High Speed Xerox Lasers

High Speed Inkjet Addressing

Machine Insertion

Smart/Intelligent Inserting

Off Set Printers

Southwest Direct Inc.